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Don’t panic, we’re here to help

You may have read our last post, discussing the soon to be released ‘Core Web Vitals’ update by Google. If you did, you might be just a little worried, so please allow us to alleviate your concerns.

The recent article discussed a shock move by Google and the negative reaction it is getting from the Website Developers world wide.

In brief, Google without any consultation with even the largest development teams in the world such as WordPress, Wix or Shopify, have introduced a set of performance requirements, which for many websites is simply unattainable. Under much protest, WordPress Org and a handful of Plugin developers are doing what they can to fight back against the unreasonable demands, but much of the work is of course being left to developers like us here at Brag Design.

So here’s what we know

As from May 2021, Google are going to start penalising websites which do not meet their strict criteria. Ultimately, this means a drop in Google Rankings and potentially higher Google Ads costs. The good news is, everyone is going to get hit, so if they penalise everyone, things won’t change much.

We know that the websites who will suffer the most, will be the larger websites sporting Hi Res images, eCommerce and other custom functionality.

Amazing as it may sound, we are also aware that Google are imposing harsh penalties on websites which utilise even Google’s own services, such as reCaptcha, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps and Google Fonts. Crazy huh!

As such the team at Brag Design have been busy developing fixes for the Core Web Vitals update and would like to offer our clients the opportunity to get ahead of this before it happens.

However, what we do not want to do is cause any panic. Like I said, everyone is in the same boat and millions of websites worldwide will no longer meet Google’s performance requirements. What we do believe is that websites that meet or get close to meeting the new criteria, will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

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Our proposal

Brag Design are offering an Audit and update on small to medium sized WordPress websites for $499. This will include a current ‘Core Web Vitals’ report and a report showing the modifications and consequent improvement in performance.


We ask that larger Websites with Woocommerce or special features contact us for a quote based on the website.

To summarise

Google ‘Core Web Vitals’ may or may not impact your ranking in Google search. But in our opinion, what it does offer, is an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors who do not update their websites to meet these guidelines.

If you have any questions whatsoever, or wish to book an audit and update, please contact us at your earliest convenience.