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What is a Google Update

Unbeknown to the average user, are occasional updates to the Google search algorithm, which often reaps devastation across the world wide web. These updates (Google claim) are to improve the quality of Google searches. But many suspect it simply pushes down the websites who don’t pay Google, to make way for those who do.

But whatever Google’s motivation, if your website is not prepared, your long established rankings can be decimated in just a few hours. Of course, clawing those rankings back is never as quick as Google taketh away.

Overall we have all seen the level of Googles search quality decline in favour of paid adverts and websites who subscribe to their paid services like Adsense etc. Google updates clear the way for sites who pay Google.

The Vale of secrecy?

Now with computer software updates, the developer offers a list of the updates in the release, helping users to fix any bugs that may arise. But not Google. Sometimes Google warn us, sometimes they don’t and even when they do, the details are vague at best.

When was the last update?

Google updates happen frequently and often go un-noticed by developers. However when there is a major update, the consequences of not paying attention can be fast and harsh.

The last major update to really turn things on its head, was the 2011 Panda Update. Panda wiped out thousands of websites across the world, some deservingly and others not so.

Many sites who employed questionable SEO tactics where eliminated, while others that simply were not up to date also got smashed.

Responsive Websites for Chelsea Heights and Mornington

Since then the more unsavoury web developers and SEO experts have found new ways to cheat the system and gain rankings. And this apparently is why the new update is coming soon.

Google Core Web Vitals Update

Well we have seen this one coming for a while now and in Googles defence, their ‘Search Console’ has shown these metrics for a few months now.

Since they appeared it has been up to us website developers and SEO specialists to unravel this complicated and potentially devastating update. What is immediately obvious, this update is not something that can be addressed by the average website owner. In fact to even make any sense of their performance report, a deep understanding of Website code and IT is required. Unlike previous updates where developers could simply improve the user experience, now Google are forcing us down the server level and beyond.

Most important will be page load speeds, but not in the traditional way. In the past simple image optimisation and clean code would get you across the line. Your site would be fast whether on a desktop or a mobile device. While well optimised websites will still work well, Google now present us with even more complicated requirements, which may not make much difference to the quality of your website or user experience.

But while Google have presented Webmasters with a set of metrics & reports to identify these newly manifested issues, Google has done little to explain how to address their manufactured problems. For the novice who self manages a website, this is a disaster. Page Speed Insights is how Google show us these new problems.

This is where it is critical that Website owners take note and contact their local SEO expert or Web Developer. Our team of Website developers in Frankston & Dingley Village are across the new ‘Core Web Vitals’ update. Furthermore, we are ready to take the bull by the horns.

But will this improve search results?

So if you are thinking this update will finally help you find what you are looking for in Google, well that is unlikely.

While websites that do not measure up to Google’s criteria will be penalised. Blackhat SEO practices such as ‘Doorway Pages’, will likely be overlooked. For a small donation to Google Ads of course.

The only winners expected from this updated are the corporates who spend big on Google Ads and of course GOOGLE!

Indeed with the demise of websites which organically improved their ranking over the years by meeting previous Google demands, those who pay Google will now prosper.

What can I do now?

Brag Design have already began implementing changes to many of our ongoing SEO clients. When the update is rolled out, we expect these websites to be unaffected. As long as Google have been transparent in their requirements that is.

Brag Design always build to the highest standard and with performance foremost in mind. As such we do not expect too much disruption to our websites. However a check against the new metrics is recommended. ‘Core Web Vitals’ update, not only looks at the website, but it also dives into the hosting of the website. It goes deep into the structure of the hosting, even into the core code that drives the servers.

Many website owners will of course wait and see what happens. But if you are concerned and require a ‘Core Web Vitals’ check, just call your local web experts at Brag Design.

To find out more, call us now or send a message using our contact form.