How much does SEO cost?

How much does SEO cost

Trying to understand SEO is one thing, but putting a price on it, is another. So what does SEO Cost?

Is SEO an expense you can do without?

A common mistake made by small business owners, is thinking that SEO is an expense. Across the Mornington Peninsula, so many small business websites go unseen, solely because their owners believe them to be an expense. In fact, the way SEO should be viewed, is a cost of doing business. With your website in plain site of your customers or clients, SEO is suddenly not such an expense, but a shrewd investment.

Time is money

As a consequence of managing your daily business, it’s easy to take your eye of what really matters. That of course is the procurement of ongoing clients or customers.

So often we get tied up in the stuff we are good at, only to realise business is drying up. No future sales, no one booking your services.

But why. You are great at what you do and your product is flawless. How can this be happening?

The truth is, if nobody else knows how good you are, why on earth would they call!

Acknowledging that SEO is merely the cost of doing business, is the first step to freedom. Freedom to work and freedom to play. With your Website rankings taken care of, you are now free to be who you are.

Look at it tis way. If your website is being seen 24 hours a day, while you work, while you play, while you sleep, a life transformation is inevitable. With your website now taking care of business, maybe you can finally get to enjoy your family or perhaps that Jet-ski that never gets used. There is no doubt, that having a website which is working for you, will take the weight of the world off your shoulders. After all, life on the Mornington Peninsula should be just as much about recreation as it is just work. Isn’t that why you live here?

Mornington Peninsula SEO cost

Naturally, like any other service, an expert website business manager, will incur an hourly rate. Needless to say, it is critical you choose the right one, but we will talk about that later.

Across Australia, hourly rates for SEO specialists can start from around $70 per hour, and exceed $200 per hour. With such a wide price range, one begs the question, what should you be getting for your money?

  • Expertise
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Transparancy
  • Comprehension
  • Reputation

We can only speak for ourselves, but we feel there is one more crucial factor, that makes a great SEO manager. Local Knowledge.

The team at Brag Design Inc are located in the Frankston area (Langwarrin South to be precise). As a business owner or manager of an enterprise on the Mornington Peninsula, this should be a deciding factor when choosing an SEO manager.

Local area knowledge helps us to understand both businesses and consumers, native to the Mornington Peninsula. Search Engine Optimisation is all about identifying keywords that summarise your business and showing them to a particular demographic. In your case, that would be people and businesses in the Frankston area. Not such an easy task for a Sydney based  SEO company or International outfit. And it is there were cost and potential danger lurk.

Be afraid, be very afraid

If you are anything like me, you a probably not all that comfortable, handing over your website passwords to a complete stranger. Nor should you be.

The internet is littered with horror stories about less than savoury SEO providers, getting websites penalised by Google. Content written on websites in pigeon English, or underhanded ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques are almost guaranteed to destroy any chance you will have of getting your website anywhere in Google. Bad SEO practices can and will put your website out of action for years.

Furthermore, you would be mistaken if you think you are safe by avoiding International SEO companies. Sadly, even some of the biggest SEO businesses in Melbourne, outsource the work to non-english speaking countries. As well as the labour savings not being passed on to you, the results can be catastrophic. It is then the true cost of poor SEO is realised and its more than financial.

SEO for Frankston and the Peninsula

Without bad-mouthing the competition too much though, not all SEO companies are out to get you. There are plenty of good, honest people working in the important field, who have your best interests at heart. But if you are conscious of SEO cost, then other cost saving factors come into play.

It’s true, the World Wide Web allows anyone in the world can carry out any SEO tasks your website requires. However, if they are not familiar with you, your business and your location, it’s going to take a whole lot longer to see results. This is where we think that we are unique.

Our focus is on business based on the Mornington Peninsula. Because we are on the Mornington Peninsula and know exactly how to run a business here is. We know the people, we know the demographics, the geographic’s and the socioeconomics. Put simply, if you don’t live around here, you don’t know.

Search Engine Optimisation and indeed Digital Marketing is based upon ‘Targeting’. Knowing who is looking at your website and your product / services. Knowing your customer save time and ultimately, SEO cost.

To learn more about what we do and how we can assist your business website, please give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to see your business, all over Google and all over the Peninsula.

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