Better Website Rebuilds 101

Up there with the most common enquiries we receive, are Website rebuilds.

Old and flailing websites are ugly, often riddled with errors. Then the owner is unable to fix anything in the backend due to shonky coding.

To repair or rebuild a website?

Website rebuilds usually materialise from an even more common question. “Can Brag Design repair my website”? Of course, the answer to that question is Yes. But is a website repair necessarily the best way to go?

Depending on who built your website and indeed, what platform it was built upon, will determine whether a repair is the best course of action.

For example, if your website has been built on some obscure platform, which only a handful of developers on planet earth can use, we strongly recommend a rebuild. Chances are your current developers demand an hourly rate, more reflective of a Brain Surgeon or Corporate Lawyer. Of course, that is why some developers choose obscure Website Platforms. Because once you are locked in, you have to pay their extortionate fees for updates and repairs. In fact we have seen invoices from ‘Silver Stripe‘ and ‘CS-Cart‘ Developers, often in excess of $700 per hour. That is to name but two web platforms we have come across.

Obviously, many clients come to us having been caught by these rather unsavoury web developers and just want out. So website rebuilds are the only way. Thankfully though, this is usually not be as expensive as you might expect, as we can usually copy much of the content from the current website.

Old, Outdated & Poorly made Websites

Website Rebuilds or Repair Frankston

As WordPress Developers, we see lots of old WordPress websites in need of some TLC. Many have been made by our clients, others by cheap overseas developers. Some are made by WordPress developers demanding just a little too much for management and repairs.

Whatever the case, these websites are again, usually in a very sorry state.

With WordPress, we can often repair the website, though if it has been poorly built a repair can outweigh a rebuild. WordPress websites which have had questionable recoding made to internal files can be extremely problematic to remedy. Just finding the problem code snippet can be extremely time consuming. Also, should the website be built on a a cheap or free theme, which is no longer supported by its developers, repairs can be almost impossible.

Despite these couple of hurdles though, repairs on WordPress websites are possible and it really just comes down to whether the cost to repair out-weighs the cost of website rebuilds. With Website rebuilds costing as little $1500, you can see why some choose a rebuild over a repair.

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