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If you’re looking to instantly show up at the top of Google or social sites, then PPC is the way to go. Also known as Digital Marketing Facebook and Google Ads allow you to dive into any market and start bidding on the keywords your customers are searching for or have interest in. It is by far the quickest most effective way to start driving targeted traffic to your site.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of setting up a PPC campaign. Getting it started is the easy part but having it return a significant ROI is another story. Managing these platforms and actively adjusting your campaign is something that should only be handled by Digital Marketing professionals.

PPC management is a crucial component to any digital marketing campaign and shouldn’t be ignored.

What is digital marketing?

In short, Digital Marketing is any kind of advertising that appears in a digital medium. While this can include digital TV and Radio, in the main the term applies to internet advertising. A digital marketing strategy or digital marketing strategies are the techniques used across one or more online platforms. The most popular are of course Google and Facebook, though most Social Media Platforms now offer a digital-marketing-agency, many opportunities.

eMail Marketing

Then there is eMail Marketing, where previous or potential customers are emailed offers. Although digital marketing services usually cover this type of management, it can be very expensive. Often when eMail based Digital Marketing is required, it is done in-house my a marketing team. Popular tools are Active Campaign, Infusionsoft and Mailchimp, though there are many more. To learn more about eMail Marketing, contact one of our digital marketing strategists by clicking here.

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Why do I need Google Ads?

There are many features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:

Google Ads is probably the fastest, easiest way to get targeted traffic to your site overnight. It instantly places you into the top positions on Google where two-thirds of humans are searching.

Make no mistake, no matter what industry you’re competing in, Google Ads is still the most effective form of Digital Marketing advertising in the digital market today. Unlike SEO (which is an ongoing long term strategy), Google Ads allows you to hit the ground running, testing keywords and ad copies immediately.

In fact, the main reason Google Ads are so popular, is because businesses of all sizes and budgets can participate. It doesn’t always take a massive Digital Marketing budget to see results.

Small to medium sized businesses, and local family run business can run very small campaigns in their local area to get more people in the door.

There are several features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:


Unlike traditional media such as newspaper and television, Digital Marketing allows you to track and improve the performance of your ads.

Dynamic Targeting

Google Ads allows for maximum reach based on factors like gender, age, location and weather.

Leading Digital Advertising Platform

Google searches are responsible for 96% of all web searches globally.

Return on Investment

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads

& Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising on the Mornington Peninsula is an absolute favourite with local businesses. But is it worth it?

Brag Design have many years building Facebook Business Manager Platforms, making it easy for clients to boost post and create adverts. For those who simply did not have time to engage with Facebook’s advertising interface, we used to manage campaigns, posting and creating content for targeted audiences.

Facebook (who partner with Instagram for adverting purposes), can show you adverts to an extremely specific audience. Not only people who ‘like’ your Facebook or Instagram, but people like the people who like your pages. You can target people with specific interests, Life events, ages, sex and marital status. To narrow your audience further, you can also exclude a specific demographic to focus only upon the customers you need.

For example:

You may manage a Bridal Wear shop in Langwarrin. Using Facebook and Instagram, we can target your adverts to females who are engaged. Furthermore, we can specify that they have shown an interest in weddings. Perhaps they have visited Wedding Websites or Social Media pages, but live within 20 KMS of Frankston.

Sounds great right? Wrong!

In recent times Facebook / Instagram advertising has become overrun with “Scam” Advertising. At least 50% of adverts shown on these platforms are deceptive scams, claiming to sell revolutionary new products at incredible prices or well known products at huge discounts. These are designed to tempt Facebook / Instagram user to buy and it is then that various crimes are committed. Often they may just take the payment and send nothing, but more creative criminals will steal credit card and personal details, even hack your phone or computer.

Consequently, there is little trust today by users, which is why we no longer support Facebook and Instagram, at least not for paid advertising. While we do not recommend paid ads, we do suggest taking advantage of the free business Facebook pages and using local Frankston and Peninsula pages. To learn more our Digital Marketing experts offer unrivalled local knowledge, so call to find out more.

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What Makes Us Different?

If you have ever approached a corporate digital marketer, chances are you were advised that they have a minimum Ad Spend. Most of the larger Google Ad agencies demand that you spend over $5000 per month or they won’t even look at you. This is fine if you too are a large company, but for Small to Medium sized businesses, that kind of budget is simply unreasonable. They do this of course to guarantee instant results and yes, $180 per day in Google Ads, will certainly do that. But simply throwing lots of money at a problem is pretty inefficient, hence why only big business takes this approach. As for the corporate marketing agencies, they only need to provide some automatically generated monthly piecharts, forwarded by your offshore account manager. Everyone’s a winner!

Brag Design understand the financial limitations of small to medium sized business and will usually start new Google Ad campaigns at as little as $10 per day. When you see results, we discuss increasing the budget. Its all about the ROAR (Return on Ad Spend). The more conversions created by your adverts, the money you have to spend on adverts. The more you spend, the bigger your business grows.

So unlike the corporates, we are happy to start small and grow with you. We know that for that for most Small and Medium sized business managers, Digital Advertising is a huge leap. That’s why we offer a free discovery call, where we can discuss your specific needs and find a solution just for you.

We are also experts in eCommerce and Google Shopping Ads. This is a fairly technical area of the Google Ads process and requires a high level of knowledge and understanding to implement correctly. We have built and developed many eCommerce websites and accompanying Ad Campaigns, with spectacular results.

You can find out much, much more by booking in a chat with a Brag Design specialists. There’s no fee and no obligations. We can discuss possible Website and Advertising packages or design one just for you. Below are some recommended Google Ad Spends, which we feel are a great starting point for any Small to Medium Size business.

Google Ad Spend

  • $300 – $500/month: Local area
  • $500 – $1000/month: Entire city or State
  • $1000 + per month: Entire country and International