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Why do I need Google Ads?

There are many features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:

Google Ads is probably the fastest, easiest way to get targeted traffic to your site overnight. It instantly places you into the top positions on Google where two-thirds of humans are searching.

Make no mistake, no matter what industry you’re competing in, Google Ads is still the most effective form of Digital Marketing advertising in the digital market today. Unlike SEO (which is an ongoing long term strategy), Google Ads allows you to hit the ground running, testing keywords and ad copies immediately.

In fact, the main reason Google Ads are so popular, is because businesses of all sizes and budgets can participate. It doesn’t always take a massive Digital Marketing budget to see results.

Small to medium sized businesses, and local family run business can run very small campaigns in their local area to get more people in the door.

There are several features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:


Unlike traditional media such as newspaper and television, Digital Marketing allows you to track and improve the performance of your ads.

Dynamic Targeting

Google Ads allows for maximum reach based on factors like gender, age, location and weather.

Leading Digital Advertising Platform

Google searches are responsible for 96% of all web searches globally.

Return on Investment

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads

& Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising on the Mornington Peninsula is an absolute favourite with local businesses. But why?

Brag Design have many years building Facebook Business Manager Platforms, making it easy for clients to boost post and create adverts. For those who simply do not have time to engage with Facebook’s advertising interface, we also also manage campaigns, posting and creating content for targeted audiences.

Facebook (who partner with Instagram for adverting purposes), can show you adverts to an extremely specific audience. Not only people who ‘like’ your Facebook or Instagram, but people like the people who like your pages. You can target people with specific interests, Life events, ages, sex and marital status. To narrow your audience further, you can also exclude a specific demographic to focus only upon the customers you need.

For example:

You may manage a Bridal Wear shop in Langwarrin. Using Facebook and Instagram, we can target your adverts to females who are engaged. Furthermore, we can specify that they have shown an interest in weddings. Perhaps they have visited Wedding Websites or Social Media pages, but live within 20 KMS of Frankston.

Boosted Posts

Posts created by you in your Facebook feed can be ‘Boosted’ to a specific pre made audience, created by us. More complexed adverts with videos and Image slides, can be targeted at specified audiences or customers who have previously interacted with your website, Facebook or Instagram pages. To manage or set up Facebook adverting in Frankston and the Peninsula, our Digital Marketing experts offer unrivalled local knowledge.

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  • $300 – $500/month: Local area
  • $500 – $1000/month: Big city or State
  • $1000 + per month: Entire country and International

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