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Affordable Local Mornington Peninsula Website Hosting Packages

Here at Brag Design Frankston, we offer several Website Hosting packages to suit all business needs.
Whether large or small, our flexible Web Hosting plans ensure you are only paying for the space you actually need.

In addition to affordable hosting, our Mornington Peninsula Web Design guru’s can also manage your Hosting. Managed hosting means that we are here to keep things up to date and ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Website Hosting Mornington Peninsula

But what is Web Hosting?

The easiest way to explain website hosting is to look at your Website as if it is a home, a shop or a factory. Regardless of the building, it needs Real Estate or Land.

Therefore your Website hosting can be viewed as the Land it resides upon.
Much like land, there is an element of upkeep required. In the same fashion as a property lease, you can rent this real estate, which is in essence, space on a central Hard drive.

How much is Web Hosting?

Dependent on Size, Speed and whether the website is managed or not, Website Hosting starts at around $15.95 per month.
For reliability and security, we use award winning Website Servers, managed right here in Australia. Furthermore, these Aussie servers are managed with hourly back ups, meaning that should the unthinkable happen and your website is corrupted, restoration is just a phone call away.

Website Hosting near Carrum Downs

Do I need managed Hosting?

The first thing you need to know, is what is managed website hosting? Look at it like this, if you own or rent a shop or factory or workshop etc, it will require a level of maintenance. There is plumbing, electrical even structural, not to mention security. Well a website isn’t all that different, only it lives in a virtual world we call “The Internet”.

Websites built built on WordPress or any other platform for that matter, it will need a little TLC if you want it to run smoothly.

Your website consists of several parts. The first level is the hosting itself, which requires occasional updates. Your emails may also hosted there, so you may need password resets and new address. The website Database often requires updating or cleaning. If your website is organic and continues to grow in size, then someone needs to ensure that you don’t run out of space.

Then there is the website itself. The next level is WordPress itself and this requires regular updates to ensure security and compatibility with web browsers.

Then there is the theme on which the website is built, again requiring security and compatibility updates. Next there are the Plugins and code which provide functionality, especially Woocommerce which requires frequent updates. From time to time these updates may conflict and cause the website to fault or go down completely. Conflicts are usually fixed quickly by Theme or Plugin Developers, but must be identified by rigorous testing after updates.

Types of Hosting

Unmanaged Web Hosting

If you choose to manage the everyday maintenance of your hosting, we have the tools to assist you all the way. In fact, with any Web development completed by our local Frankston team, you get access to the ‘Cpanel’.

Domain Hosting

Just like a shop or factory, you need an address, so customers can find you. Your domain name is your virtual address on the internet. It allows people to find you.

Your domain might be owned and managed by yourself or the developer who built your website might have it. Either way, what really matters is that someone is managing it and ensuring that it renews every year. There is nothing worse than finding that your domain name has expired and when someone tries to find your website, they just get a 404 error.

Managed Website Hosting

Overall, Managed Website Hosting is the more popular option. Choosing a managed Web Hosting package, leaves the maintenance, updates and backups to the experts. If you need a new email address or need to upgrade CPanel functionality, you simply call us and we get it done.

What is CPanel?

Cpanel is where the controls to your hosting reside. Updates and even creating email addresses, is all done there. On completion of a Web build or activation of a hosting plan, you will be provided with Cpanel access for yourself or even a 3rd party developer.

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