Boutique Web Agency vs Corporate

What is best for you

Open your email and chances are you have been bombarded with offers from web agency emails. Of course, this is almost always spam and any website agency that has to resort to spamming your email address, is probably not very good. But even a Google search is often less than fruitful, especially if you do not know what kind of agency you are looking for.

In this blog we will explain what to look for and what to look out for, when choosing a local web agency.

The corporate web agencies

As mentioned, a quick search in Google will quickly present a list of Google Ads, usually from the corporates. Their adverts will often suggest that they are local, by clever Advert targeting, but most reside in major cities or overseas. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if they are are trying to tell you they are local, but are not, that’s a first warning.

Obviously, if the advertisers turns out to be overseas, then you should deploy caution and do your research before committing or sharing any personal data. The internet is littered with scammers and Google / Facebook do not screen them for you. Despite the obvious dangers, there are some respectable off shore website agencies and quite often they are a cheaper option. Import to realise though, is any kind of language barrier, may make communicating your wishes, troublesome. Beware the overseas web agency.

Among the overseas advertisers, you will also find the corporates. Some are big names that you hear advertising on the radio, on billboards and even the TV. Big advertising budgets means big prices and the cheaper plans are usually restrictive and poor value. Unless you are paying the big bucks, they will allocate you to teams based anywhere in the world. Your point of contact (if you are even given one) is in a call centre and probably unable to offer immediate answers or solutions. A bit like calling a phone company!

That said, if you are paying 6 figure fees to a corporate web agency, you will likely receive a reasonable service. Whether the finished product is worth it, can be debatable.

When do you need a corporate web developer?

As much as the corporate agencies are expensive and treat most of their customers like a number, they do have their place.

While most honest website developers will be using platforms like WordPress, Shopify or Joomla, some of the corporates may build websites from the ground up. This has it s pros and cons, but is sometimes warranted.

Without a doubt, WordPress and Joomla are ideal for 99% of website builds, but there are times when a fully customised website is needed. In most cases the corporate website developers have this covered, employing highly skilled coders and specialists.

Cost to build website in frankston

Again, custom websites which require ground up development are extremely expensive. They best suit niche businesses with highly specified needs. For most businesses, this is not necessary at all.

Why choose a boutique web agency?

Most towns and cities around Australia have local website agencies. A genuine local web agency usually a boutique agency, offering a more intimate service. With a good local knowledge they are ideal for local business owners. Often boutique web agencies will spend the time with you, so you understand the process and your options. Prices are way more reasonable and the level of service usually very high.

As a business owner, you’ll find that a local website development team will speak your language. Furthermore, they understand your needs and concerns. Basically, you are not a number, you are a valued customer.

Your Frankston Web Agency

Naturally, we can’t finish our blog without giving ourselves a quick mention.

Yes, the team at Brag Design Web Agency offer a diverse range of website services to customers all over the Mornington Peninsula and South East Suburbs. While we do not consider ourselves a corporate, we occasionally build websites internationally and around Australia. However, our main client focus is local.

So if you do business in and around the Mornington Peninsula or South East, we’re here to help.

As well as offering highly competitive prices on Website builds, Brag Design boast our very own in-house Digital Marketing Agency. And it’s right here in Langwarrin South. With a host of service such as SEO, Google Ads and Facebook management, why risk the corporates.

No matter how large or how small your web project, call now and speak to our friendly team.