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Tradies wishing to grow their business, need a website

Here’s the word on Tradie Websites. As you know, Brag Design are based on the Mornington Peninsula. But more common than Web Designers in the Frankston area are of course Tradies. Indeed Melbourne and the South East is the home of the tradesman and competition can get quite fierce.

As a result of this competition, more and more tradies are looking to improve their online presence with a website. Relying on Facebook and Hi Pages nowadays, simply doesn’t cut it. Because increasingly Peninsula Trades men and women are presenting their skills and service through a website.

As you can imagine, our proximity to Frankston and the South East, makes us very popular with all kids of trades people, needing website design and SEO services.

Every Trade Website is different

As a tradesperson, there are several things to consider before building a website. Do you have the time to build it on a DIY platform yourself and if you do, will the website be seen in Google?

In most cases, the answer to both of the above is NO!

Building good looking, functional websites is not easy and getting it seen in Google is an art unto itself. Here at Brag Design, we are constantly asked to repair or rebuild website projects which tradies have reached a dead end with. Some websites are rescuable and others simply need to be rebuilt.

Whether a rebuild or a new build, Brag Design know exactly what tradies need in a website, to succeed in and around the Peninsula.

Build Website for Tradies
Trade Websites


In most cases, Electricians require a website which allows quick and simple contact options. As well as Phone and contact forms though, information about their experience and availability is also critical

Gates and Fencers

With trades who install fencing and gates, images are everything. You want to show off your work and a website portfolio is just the ticket.


Plumbers may offer a variety of services from drains to leaky taps and gas installs. Tradie websites outlining these services and the appropriate contacts is crucial.

Motor Mechanics

In the auto trade, servicing and repair quotes can be given online. even bookings can be automated should things start to get real busy.

Of course, these are just a few trades we find in the Frankston area. Brag Design also work with Fabricators, Electronics Specialists, Builders & Safety inspectors and many, many more. So no matter what your business is, we boast the best website design for tradesmen.

What does a Tradie Website Cost?

It’s always hard to put a figure on building tradie websites, until we have all the information. However one of costs often overlooked are images.

Unfortunately in most cases images taken with a mobile phone look terrible. With care, they may be OK for use in Galleries and Portfolios, but are no good for the big banner images, which need to look awesome. Good stock images can cost upwards of $100 each, so can adjust a build price.

In most cases, trade websites do not require complex and costly eCommerce features, which really does save a lot of money. As Sparkys and Plumbers, Fencers and Gardeners are selling services, there is no need for online stores. This is great news for the trady.

So while we cannot give an exact price on a Website build, a realistic starting point is around $2000. Like any build, be it a house, a shed, a wall or a website, the bigger the website, the higher the price. For most tradies though, $4000 will get you an all singing & dancing website from the Brag Design team.

Cost to build website in frankston

What do we need from you?

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So you have decided to get yourself online, but what is the process?

We understand that all of this “Website” stuff like Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing is a little confusing. But don’t worry. We make things really simple.

Developing a Website for Trades

With most Tradie websites, we want a clean, striking but simple Home page. Important is a section about who you are, your experience and your philosophy. Testimonials from past and current clients are a real winner and where trades people are building or creating items, portfolios and Galleries are super helpful.

But most important of all is your connect information. A simple contact form which sends you an email when someone makes an enquiry and a phone number that can be clicked straight from a mobile phone is critical.

We build Tradie Websites “responsively” which means they look great on mobile phones and tablets too.

Here is a list of things we ask you to think about, before signing up for Trade Website Build:

A brief description of what you do & what you want to portray

What makes you stand out from the rest?

What services do you want to offer online

How many pages or galleries do you want on your website

Can you obtain high resolution images

Do you have a domain name yet and if not, what would you like. e.g

If you already have a website, where is it hosted and do you have access to it?

Will you require SEO or Digital Marketing. If so, who is your target customer and what will they be searching for?

Moving forward

Get some ideas: Take a look at some competitor websites or any websites for that matter and take some notes of what you like.

Give yourself a timeframe : Decide when you want your website to go live. Are you able to set aside some time to get your information together.

Will you need Google Presence: Some trades only wish to have a website for existing customers and therefore are not too worried about being seen in Google. If however you do want to be seen, think about SEO and Digital Marketing

Call Brag Design: Whether you are ready to get started now or still have some questions, give us a call and we’ll answer any remaining questions you might have.

At BRAG DESIGN we have developed a simple process to get your Tradie Website up and running, quickly.

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Because all our tradie websites are custom built to suit the requirements of the client, we do need to have a quick chat to determine pricing.
However, we can tell you that a tradie website ranges from $4000 – $6000 on average depending on the need for images and specialist coding and plugins.

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Reach out to us to get started

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